I’m Done With ‘Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’

I’m Done With ‘Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’

This week, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands launched a new patch and new DLC. Normally, this would be something to encourage further gameplay and provide a reason to return for more farming. But for me, it’s had the opposite effect, and I think it’s probably time for me to move on from the game as one of my “farmable looter” rotators.

First, the patch did something I didn’t particularly care for, namely jack up Chaos Levels to a new max of 35 and introduce a new rarity of gear at that max level. This is two months after the release of the game, and I finally was just starting to find my groove in Elite Chaos 20 missions and was beginning the hunt for Volatile weapons (which only drop at level 20) in earnest.

Now? It feels like a rug pull, like I now have another 15 levels to grind through after the 20 I just finished, and the top range gear I was just starting to farm across a few characters is now outclassed immediately. It also doesn’t help that really the only farming you can do in Wonderlands is to run Chaos Dungeons, as no matter the Chaos Level, they fundamentally don’t change, so you’re just running the same maps with the same enemies on repeat. It’s a far cry from the wider variety of endgame activities in Borderlands itself.

That was maybe supposed to change with this week’s DLC, but it had the opposite effect. I spoke a bit yesterday about this, but this is some seriously terrible DLC, which is very uncharacteristic for Gearbox, where their Borderlands DLC is some of the best in the business.

Here, the new $10 Coiled Captors DLC is essentially just a singular new dungeon, one without modifiers and with an easier boss than dungeons (even if it gets harder in the next few weeks). An entire run of the content takes 7-10 minutes, and unlike Chaos Dungeons, there is no grand loot explosion of selection at the end, just whatever drops from the boss (I got nothing) and some spins of a wheel back at base that gives out random new loot.

The other problem is that the other four DLCs coming with the season pass appear like they’re going to be more of the same. More of these simplistic dungeons, probably with new enemies and bosses, but the same concept. No story content, and a worse endgame farming loop than the Chaos Dungeons which already exist (and themselves are getting repetitive). Simply put, I’ve kind of hit a wall with this game, both in terms of all those new arbitrary Chaos Levels being suddenly added, and now knowing that the rest of the season pass DLC is not really going to be anything noteworthy, given what we’ve seen just for Coiled Captors.

I’m not upset, I’ve had my fun across three characters so far and a whole lot of hours put in. I enjoyed my time. But as a longer term grind, I’m probably calling it a day if these are the kinds of post-launch updates is getting. I’ll wait for Borderlands 4 and the new Tales from the Borderlands game instead.

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